Jeannine Murphy of Staten Island

Phil Unyer of Asbury Park

Melody Hartsgrove of Asbury Park


Information For Spectators & Visitors on Parade Day :

Where can you watch the parade?

  • Along Ocean Ave starting at 3rd Ave at the AP Boardwalk
  • On Cookman Ave from Wesley Grove to Main St
  • At Press Plaza (center of downtown)-Reviewing Stand located here
  • Main St from Cookman Ave to Bangs Ave – parade ends here

Where to park?

  • Metered parking is in effect citywide, please pay at the meter or via mPay2Park app
  • Free Parking in surface parking lots along the Asbury Park Boardwalk.

Which streets will have restricted parking?

  • Press Plaza (Emory St from Cookman to Lake) – no parking Sunday from 9am to 4pm
  • Cookman Ave – no parking Sunday 9am – 4pm (streets will re-open when parade ends)
  • Ocean Ave  – no parking midnight Saturday to 3pm Sunday
  • Fourth Ave from Ocean Ave. to Heck St. – no parking midnight Saturday to 3pm Sunday (Wonderbar surface lot will be open & accessible).
  • City Hall Parking Lot – no parking Sunday from 9am – 6pm

Street Closures – during parade only 

(estimated 1pm – 4pm)
  • Lake Ave from Main St. to Wesley Grove will be closed from 1pm  – 4pm. (Local traffic only. No through traffic.)
  • Ocean Ave will be closed once the parade begins.
  • Cookman Ave will be closed as the parade moves through the downtown.
  • Main St (from Lake Ave to Monroe Ave) will be closed as the parade passes from Cookman Ave to the City Hall parking lot. (Re-Routed to Memorial Dr.)

Prior to the parade start, only local traffic will be allowed to pass through street closings. Once the parade starts, no traffic will be permitted to pass until the parade ends.


If you have any questions, please contact the Parade Staff via asburystpatsparade@gmail.com

Useful Information

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Help support the parade!

Donations via check can be mailed to
The Asbury Park St. Patrick’s Day Parade
P.O. Box 694, Asbury Park, NJ 07712
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